Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I forgot what?

Last night after getting all three kids in bed, I decided to sit down, and watch a show that I DVRed to unwind a little bit before I cleaned the kitchen up, and set out Mariah's stuff for the next day. I could not have been more than ten minutes into the show before I fell asleep. I woke up this morning around 6:30 on the couch of course. You think that I would have gotten up, and got the things done that I did not do last night, but no. I decided that it would be a better idea to watch the show before the kids got up.
 The girls woke up about 10 minuets after seven, good I still had half an hour before Mariah's bus would be here to carry her of to school. Everything was going great, and moving along just fine until I realized that it was a little chilly out side, and Mariah need some tights. It's been 100 plus degrees here everyday for the past two months, so where did this chilly weather come from all of the sudden? I search the house from top to bottom trying to find a pair of tights that either fit her, or do not have a hole. I manage to find a pair. Good I still have 10 minuets before the bus, so I get her hair done have her go brush her teeth, and wash her face, because she always manages to have a dirty face somehow.

Well of course as usual she can not find her shoes, and I tell her like I do every morning "If you put them on the fire place like you are supposed to we won't have this problem now would we?". She finds them in her room of course. Now to get out the door and get her on the bus, but wait where are my shoes? Yes I shamelessly had to ask my girls to help me find my shoes after I just scolded my oldest about hers. I find my shoes of all places under the computer desk. Finally we get out the door and move on(I even managed to snap a few pictures). Outside we saw  the bus waiting on one of the side streets to pull out into traffic. I say my goodbyes to her, and she turns around and says "Mommy I don't have my back pack" OH NO! I don't have time to run all the way back to the house and get it the bus is here. I tell her to just go I will send her teacher an email.

(Don't you just love when 4 year olds get themselves dressed?)
How sad is that? One change in my routine, and its like a domino effect in my life. One day I will learn to be more organized, but until then I just take everything in stride.

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