Thursday, September 8, 2011

Washing My Cloth Diapers


Well the days of washing my diapers with a lot of hot water, and a Tbs of baking soda are over!! Yes I am excited about laundry detergent! I placed an order a few days ago for some Rockin' Green, and got it in the mail today. Now I wish I did not have all my diapers clean, because I can not wait to try this stuff out. All of the reviews I looked at raved about how full of awesomeness this stuff was!
If you don't already know you never ever want to wash your diapers like you would wash your clothes. The soap can build up in the diapers, and cause them to smell, repel, and break down. Now don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the way that I was washing mine, but honestly it was not very eco friendly. Here is how it went. I dumped the diapers out of the wet bag into the washer, and turned the wet bag inside out dropped it in the wash, made sure my washer was on the hottest, and highest water level setting, dropped in a tbs of baking soda, and left the lid opened so they could soak for about an hour. Closed the lid, and let the cycle run. I then repeat two more time minus the baking soda. Wow Thats a lot of water.

I am hoping with Rockin' Green I can wash them once and be done. I will update you on my date with Rockin' Green sometime tomorrow, because of course I have to wash all over again tonight, and I can't wait!!!! No I am not being sarcastic.

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