Thursday, May 6, 2010

4 Year old and Makeup

So my oldest daughter Mariah has been taking ballet classes since last October. All of the practice pays of when she gets to be in the yearly recital in May. I paid for her costume back in December, and took her to practices. Well this past week when I took her I got a little slip of paper from her instructor that reads " Stage lights are extremely harsh and "wash-out" the performer's face. Heavy make-up must be worn to make the performer's facial features visible to the audience. Face: Base foundation matching skin tone. Blush - Long-Wearning medium to dark "plum" Eyes: Mascara- several coats of BLACK Eyeliner- Long-Wearing Dark BLUE on lid, Dark BROWN in crease, IVORY or Light CREAM under brow. Lips:RED long-wearing lipstick & matching liner." I have to say I was take back a bit with this. I could see some blush maybe some lipstick, but EYELINER on a 4 year old, and all the dark eye make up. I though ballet was supposed to teach my daughter how to be poised? I guess I was wrong! I am upset about doing this, but her heart will be broken if she is not allowed to be in the recital. Yes I said not allowed I was told if her costume was not in order she would not be allowed to go on stage. What kind of message are we sending to our daughters? This will be continued in my next post I would love to tell you about my experience with a pageant.

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  1. Jessica -
    I'm very interested in hearing how her recital goes and how the make-up goes over. I agree with you, our little girls do not need to be taught make-up or the beauty myth validates them, especially not at young ages. My 4yo daughter also takes ballet, but it sounds like our classes have a much different atmosphere. However, having grown up doing stage productions, wearing stage make-up is part of the game as the audience does need to be able to see a performers face...Perhaps explain to her that she is so beautiful and special just as she is, and that it will be fun to put on theater make-up as a special occasion for her performance. Then promptly wash it off and return her to her four year old self!

    :) Melissa Wardy


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